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Default Re: My 2 cents on painting

The welded mounts work OK. I ran the bike about an hour with the 44T sprocket before tearing it down for paint and inspection. Now have a 56T which I like very much in the hilly area where I live. Still need to solve the brake problem (cheapy side pull on front rim) and buy a new chain for the peddles.

Am still having tuning probs, but on my next day off (TUE) I plan on taking it down to the valley and put 20+ miles on it. Should help some. Funny thing is it starts right up... But then sputters until about 3/4 throttle where it leans out and hummmmms. Tried the top three settings on the needle, but doesn't seem to help much... Kinda goes from poor to poorer.
But officer, it IS only 2HP
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