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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

your intake looks like a piece of junk.

didja try spraying it with carb cleaner to see if it has any leaks?

i'd get rid of those acorn nuts and replace them with regular nuts. the acorns might be stopping the intake from tightening down all the way.

and like it was mentioned before, take the springs off the cable. the bigger one goes on the cable housing to act as a heat shield for the housing, and the smaller one isn't needed as a return spring. it'll save some wear and tear on your wrist.

where the cable goes into the carb at the top, it looks like it's sticking up kinda high. mine has about an 1/8 or less of the silver cable end sticking out.

make sure yours is seated in there, and moves around smooth. once, on mine, the cable pulled up and stuck for a minute, causing hi-revs.

keep trying, we'll figure it out.
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