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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

I know the fuel filter looks full of fuel but it is going uphill towards the carb and it is a paper element in colder weather and thicker oil for breakin I had the same problem. Once the fuel is spent from the bowl and it ain't sloshin around rollin down the road you have fuel starving...just for grins bypass the fuel filter and see if it helps. The stock tank has a screen filter in it. Second thing I notice is you put both springs on the actuator side of the clutch cable I did the same...the big spring is for a heat shield on the cable on the other side of the standoff. I took both springs off jrom the actuator side there's plenty of return from the clutch internal springs. Pictures almost always help. I also noticed you air filter seems to be squeezed against the seat post I'd elbow the carb to the side as that seems to me would be jarrin the carb alot.
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