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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

Hi Scott - I need to be more clear, I meant the wheels on each side are one piece, they are still pressed together. I have not idea what I am going to do with this thing now. It needs to be trued up but that would almost be impossible at this point. I can't think of a way to install the extra weights and get them centered. I could put it together and run it on the laith but that would still leave the gaps and through it out of balance. They were made so the center that rides on the outside of the fixed wheels is loose so as you install them there is no way to get them centered. I want to see if the Spooky engines have the 3 piece cranks, in lieu of the 5 piece. I have an old engine from the old Kings in Florida but I don't see him any more. Have fun, Dave
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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