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Default Re: Aluminum or steel

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
FLYBYTACO,man if I only new the jet ingines had a larger mount I would have bought them.....Now Im going to have to make a U clamp mount.....Oh well I have the engines now so I have to deal with it.....
Just for reference.
Here at Pirate Cycles All of our Slant head jet kits have the 40mm front mounts and Gen 4 pipes. These kits pull power up hills. Straight out of the box! They fit most beach cruisers directly. They have been tested by reputable people such as the manic mechanic, flybytaco, wheelstand Matty, and many many more. We are now waiting on a shipment of the new slant head grubee kits that are suppose to have the new and improved larger front mounts. All they have to do now is remake their Gen1 black cat muffler and they will be back the game of power. Until then, we are making a motor called the JUBBY. Jet slant head and exhaust on a grubee engine with our ported billet intake. Updates done by taco himself. Power results coming soon. Sorry Taco.. Cats out the bag now!
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