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if your bike has a grip shifter you could mount it on the left with no problem as far as it working,the only thing that would be different will be you would "push" the shifter forward for the low gears and pull the shifter towards you for the high gears,it would opperate fine though.Oh yea the numbers would be backwards this would only be asthetics,if you do not have an 8 speed gripshifter on the bike let me know Im pretty sure I have one in my parts bin,and would be more than happy to ship it to your door for a minimal fee,minimal meaning the cost of shipping,if you go to your local bike shop an 8speed gripshifter should run you around 15.00 if they install it it would run 10-15.oo labor,hope this helps.By the way if the shop tells you they can only sell the shifters as a set there lying I sell indeviduall shiftrs at the shop I manage all the time,good luck!
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