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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

Originally Posted by impression View Post
the float bowl/carb need to stay level, or bowl will be forever without enough fuel and the air/fuel mix into the engine will always be too lean, learnt this mistake the hard way.

also look into the throttle. make sure the caby end/needle is seated rights as when you try to idle the throttle mights not be going all the way into idle position.

there is a couple of notches on the carby walls where the throttle cable cylinder/pin/needle have to be seated correctly with.
Originally Posted by Kevron99 View Post
No this is not about starting...This is issue is idling...When I am on a stop light I need the bike to idle at full stop. At a dead stop I pulled the clutch lever then in revs at full rpm at 50% and then shuts down at 100%.....what is happening now is every stop light I come across I end up on a dead engine and restart again....I really do not know why the engine goes full rpm at 50% of clutch lever and then dies at 100%...big bummer..

try my above solutions and get a better wire between your cdi box and spark plug, i go with 7mm coaxial cable which has a solid copper wire core, if still having issues have a look at your connections between the magneto to cdi box, they might not be 'clean'

also check your spark plug, could be a terrible one that doesn't like low rpm, yet also ****s itself @ high rpm. ngk b6hl for my bike, working well so far.
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