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Lightbulb Pea soup headlight

In another thread I posted a pic of the bullet type headlight that's slated to go on my Riff Raff bike...but...I was looking at it, and some other lights I have, last night thinking it just isn't doing it for me. That's not to mention that just about every custom bike I've seen lately uses one too.


I have this NIB 5" round 6 volt sealed beam headlight assembly kicking around my shop and it looks the part but it is a little bit too large looking on the OD in comparison to the bike it's going on and too it sucks up 18 watts of power which of course presents some other problems that I care not to deal with. Now I was quickly looking over a 6v flashlight at a dollar store the other day, more out of interest in the bulb than anything, and then this morning I got looking at a pea soup can that was sitting on the counter waiting to get tossed in the recycle bin when the idea of mating the pea soup can with the dollar store flashlight came to mind. I went out to the dollar store this morning and bought the 6 volt flashlight

The lens on the flashlight is 4" and with the yellow plastic shroud it's about 4 1/4" OD in total which is about right in terms of light size matching bike size. The lens assembly fits inside the soup can just about perfect the spirit of the apple juice can gas tank we might as well have a pea soup can headlight

Will post pics of how it all comes together...

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