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Default Re: Can a sprocket be re-cut?

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
To pay a programmer at 45$ an hour to even figure the math out is way out out of our costs when compared to a sprocket precut/machined from china or indonesia. Its our death as a manufacturing country.
It would be a fairly simple thing to make, it would just take time,,, but any machine shop is going to have to charge you way more than you'd spend buying a off-the-shelf sprocket.
Around where I live, manual shops charge around $100/hr.
CNC shops charge at least 3X or 4X that much.
Yes, a CNC shop could rip it out in an hour probably, but still.

What's a lot more cost-effective would be to find a "solid/disk-style" existing BMX sprocket already made that will work, and have a manual machine shop drill new mounting holes in it for you. They might offer a lower price if you are willing to leave it there for a week or two so they can do it in their spare time, rather than interrupt their "bread and butter" work.
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