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Default Re: anyone ever installed pull start?

I haven't gotten one myself yet - but I've looked into it a bunch and near as I can tell the install is as easy as swappin' the cover plate... which is basically all yer doin' lol. There might be some hinkyness with needing a special nut for the clutch wheel - but even then it would be a simple matter.

Clearance IS an issue depending on the height of your install, I've not checked into that as mine will clear NP (sorry no #s) but I've heard... stuff about the "durability" - namely that ya need be somewhat gentle with the thing and not let the recoil just "BANG" back.

But - for $20, who cares? lol I'm being a slacker and jus' waitin' till the snow heh

Glad ya posted this tho - I'm lookin' forward to other ppl's opinions too
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