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Default CARBS...I give up

Problem: Will not Idle

I have been reading in this forum about Idling problems. My motorized bicycle just wont Idle!! I done everything and I think I am giving up and now consider to buy a new carbs.

Here is what I already did and seem cant find a fix.
1.) Made sure that the slide and the needle is in place and the trottle springs back
2.) Apply silicon sealer on the intake gasket and the head. Applied silicon sealer between the intake and the carbs. DId all to make sure theres no leak
3.) Open the carbs and checked the jets and the internal parts for any defects or abnormality.(did not find any)
4.) Lowered the need slide one notch down
5.) Tried running on tight idler screw and tried turning 3 to 4 turns (loosen)
5.) Checked cables and made sure is free of any obstruction and kimks. Also lubricate
6.) Punch small hole on gas tank
7.) Gasoline is on 20:1 ratio (still on a break in period)
8.) Research the forum extensively - reading threads about carbs for 3 days.

Is there anything else I should do? Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
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