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Default speed? choke? clutch?

so i've got a couple concerns. i just got a sweet speedometer from after installation i was surprised to find that my top speed on a level surface is only 20mph. downhill i can barely get 28mph. i feel like i was able to get to higher speeds before the speedometer though i have no way of knowing for sure. i'm not even sure what size the engine is, as i bought the bike preassembled on craigslist. though i imagine its probably 50cc.
is there something i can do to increase speed?

next question. now i dont know too much about the whole choke thing, but i do know that i start out with it open and then move it lean as it warms up. from whati understand i should be able to have the choke all the lean at some point. but the only way my bike will start is if the choke is full and the further lean i move it, the slower my speeds are, whats more is if i move it all the way up the engine will certainly kill. this concerns me, it just doesnt seem right.

lastly i started a thread awhile ago about my dragging clutch. i had opened up the engine and adjusted the clutch and was working perfectly. now it seems like its dragging again. hmmm?

i know i probably should have made separate threads for these, but i figured since they were all related to my speed pretty much i would put all here. hope someone has some answers, and i know you will. thanks
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