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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I haz "cheesy walmart single-wall marshmallow-alloy rims" myself, and between the abuse of the roads round here, the crazy bastid riding the bike, and prolly the stock sprocket mount - my rear rim in partic is never true.

*shrug* I'm sure they're good 'nuff so to speak, but they do not fill me with confidence lol I do know (unfortunately) they like to taco way too easily, while no rim is invulnerable - I think the rims I have on my bike are it's weakest link.

Potholes wait in ambush, jump out right in front of you when yer flanked by a cager and a gravel drop-off, I swear! I seen 'em!

sneaky o.o
I agree that rims are the weak link, steel or alloy. What turned me off the most was last year my buddy dented one of his fancy "elliptical" rims and for what he paid to replace I could buy three (3) brand new Glacier Point bikes with six (6) brand new heavy duty alloy rims.
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