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Smile Re: Greetings from Atlanta, GA!

Welcome Adam to the forum, glad you joined us.

I disagree with that statement about SpookyTooth cycles 100%. SpookyTooth builds some of the best bikes out there. I have ridden many and know so many that have thousands of miles on SpookyTooth motorized bicycles with absolutely zero problems.

This person who made this statement has he ever ridden a SpookyTooth cycles bike? Has he even seen one in person? Has he ever been to there shop and witness the craftsmanship and pride that the builders take on each and every bike? I have had the fortune to compare SpookyTooth bikes against other builders and there not even close to the quality of SpookyTooth bikes. SpookyTooth has years and years of experience building motorized bicycle and if I am not mistaken he was the first to do so. Just my opinion
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