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Default Greetings from Atlanta, GA!

Like many of you, I've wanted a motorized bike for years. Now that I've finally got a "big boy" job it seems like it might become a possibility. I want to start biking to work since I live so close.

I've been checking out the Spookytooth bikes for awhile now, but I've recently been told by someone (Cheech at Red Rock Cycles in WV) that they are somewhat overpriced and under quality. Can anyone comment on this? he's suggested that I put my own bike together.

Also, I'm wondering if there aren't any motorbicyclists in/around/near Atlanta, GA that wouldn't mind giving me a few pointers? Either this, or perhaps one of you could point me to good Newbie threads or sites. I've never put together a motor before, but I imagine that I can do it with a little direction.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to learning from you all!

Adam Rhinehart

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