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Default What do you ride with in your tool kit?

Howdy Y'all.

Simple question, when you go out for a long ride or work commute, what tools do you carry with you?

Here is a photo and break-down of my kit.

1: Needle Nose Pliers
2: 4th Hand Tool.
3: Folding allen set. 6,5,4,3,2.5,2mm.
4: adjustable wrenches.
5: hinged ratchet with a deep 10mm socket.
6: spark plug socket
7: small and large flat head screw drivers.
8: phillips head screw driver.
9: Chain tool (for bicycle chain)
10: Chain tool (for engine drive chain)
11: 10mm wrench.
12: closed end offset 8 and 10mm
13: happytime gear puller.
14: Diagonal cutters.
All that fits into a little bag and weighs maybe 3 or 4 pounds.

I also carry a small bottle of extra pre-mix gas(a liter). A spare tube, patches, tire levers, Co2 inflator and spare Co2 cartridges.

I usually ride with a backpack or messenger bag. I also keep a pair of rain pants, a lightweight rain jacket shell, wet weather gloves and a bandanna in which ever bag im using.

Im sure your set up might be a little different. Im using a 48cc 2stroke engine....

I wonder If I spent the cash to get a a higher quality engine, Id be able to carry less tools... Hrmm?

What are your "must have" when riding?
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