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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Here's an neat story...

I was having a hard time poking a needle and thread through 2 layers of leather when I was making the straps for my tank so I went to the sewing shop for a thimble...beside the sewing shop is a thrift store that I just had to venture into and in there I see an old and lonely looking Singer Spartan straight stitch sewing machine on the bottom shelf at the back of the store for 10 bucks.

I of course brought it home just because

So I dusted it off, checked it over good, aligned the motor & belt, oiled it up, wound a bobbin and threaded the thing. After a dozen or so test runs so as to get the tension dialed in the darn thing sewed through 2 layers of old couch leather without even breaking a sweat! Not only did I sew my tank straps but that night I made my son a leather pouch for his iPhone's even using it! A few minutes of serial number research on the www says the old Singer is a 1959 model that was made in Clydebank Scotland and from what I read it's a well like little machine and I have to say I do like it very much myself. The wife has a newer model sewing machine that has so many buttons and dials labeled in some secret women only code that I decide to just steer clear of it for the piddly leather strap job I wanted to do but I did not fear the simple old Singer at all. Matter of fact I got quite the kick out of using it because my mom had a similar machine when I was a kid and she taught me how to sew on it...I did much reflecting on those long gone moments with my mom that night. She made many outfits for herself and many outfits for me to wear to school on her old Singer(s) still remember how much I hated that itchy material she sometimes used.


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