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Default Re: Hello from Florida

Welcome fellow Floridian,
I built an "80 cc" on a single speed Sun Kruzer a month ago and have been impressed with the power. Today we built a "49cc" on a 6 speed Manhatten cruiser. The newest one has not been broken in yet so it's hard for me to compare it to the Sun which has 50 miles on it and the rings well seated. What I did notice right away was that the Manhatten 6 speed (49) was far easier to ride as a bicycle with the lower gearing.
I have heard the same thing as far as the faster reving due to the shorter stoke/faster rev but have no real opinion until the 49 is broken in. The ones that I am retailing are all on new bikes but I have numerous old Schwinns and am seriously considering an 80 on an old Continental with flat bars. The frames and wheels are solid as a rock and the old steel tubing will accept any of the chinese motors without any frame adapters and/or drilling.
The other plus to mounting a kit on a derailure shifted bike is that the hub flanges are (usually) small enough to easily accept the motor driven sprocket assembly with no hub or driven sproket modifications. Coaster brake, 3 speed, etc. hubs are a pain in the ass to deal with.
Keep checking this board as there are many people here with good ideas.....we are all learning as we go. ****, that's half the fun of it!
If you're ever in DeLand stop by and say Hi.

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