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Default Re: The *BEST* Solution for "THE" tensioner/pulley

in all honesty, you should learn how to use the tentioner properly,
#1, dont even think the wheel will stay put "adjusted" to the top of the slot. i have tried many times to tighten my chain this way and decelleration only pulls it back down.
#2, drilling the frame isnt a great idea either! mentioned above being in mind, the right way to tighten your chain is to slide the tentioner back closer to the sproket!
#3, you probley will need to "twist" it like tom explains (2door) you may not.

#4, the chain tentioner only gives problems if you install it wrong, in other words bolt it in place and expect to to work,

i set my last one up as i told you above, and adjusted it back once and have over 800 kms on it in the last month without a problem
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