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Default Scooter Guy/Dax Titan build

Well, all is put together with my Motobecane with the Scooter Guy/Dax set up. I really am impressed with the power and versatilty of this set up. It will power me up the hills down here in Fort Worth and also fly on the flats. The only adjustment I made was putting a 26t on the chainring, after some adjustments with the derailer all is shifting smooth. The kit mounted easily and I would recommend it to anyone who rides daily as I do. (16 miles a day). The four stroke is quiet and smooth running so far, I would expect it to run for many miles. I am a maint. kind of guy.
Top speed should run around 40mph, I haven't opened it all the way yet as I want to break in the Titan properly. MPG is somewhere around 110mpg. She cruises at 30 mph without breathing hard. I won't go back to one of those 2 stroke excuses for an engine from you know where!
I have a Staton friction with a Subaru 33.5cc on it now. I plan on ordering another Set up for that bike as well, and keeping the Subaru as a backup for the two. The friction drive has been a champ the last 9 months but when it rains and or windy days she struggles.
Hope this info helps any newbs looking for a quality set up to run. The whole set up minus the bike is around 450.00 and well worth it. Jerry and Duane are quality folks who stand behind their product and are willing to go the extra mile to help you with your project.
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