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Default Re: Aluminum or steel

the only issue was i had to put a pocket dent in the pipe took a half inch ratchet extension marked the pipe where it hit the frame and dented it also had to heat and bend it to the right so it wouldnt hit the pedal. had to remove and cut the original chain guard to clear bottom of motor, had to cut the rear fender to clear the drive chain, mounted right up you just have to remove the original chain guard before you fit motor. the point beach went right together.. I highly recomend the billet sprocket adapter and 40 tooth sprocket from j at pirates.. tell him, rick sent you he will hook you up he doesnt make tons off parts.. he even has motor kits I use PK's there the best in my book.. I'm at work but will post u some pics buddy.. BTW both are for sale

also had to modify pipe because i think a drunk chinaman might have put it in the jig and welded it wrong lol
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