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Default Re: Help identify this old bike

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
it's definitely not a schwinn. you can tell by the welds. from the rear triangle, it looks like a Hawthorne, but it could be a number of different brands, all made by Cleveland Welding. i don't think the chainguard belongs, but i dunno, i can't recall seeing one like that before. front chainrings are usually a good way to figure out bikes, but yours is just a standard Wald sprocket, that were found on tons of bikes back then.

date-wise, i'd say maayyybe, late 50's, early 60's.

what kind of coaster brake does it have? any other brand names on the rims, or anywhere else?
I agree that it isn't a Schwinn. I don't recall seeing a front fork like that on any Schwinn I've seen. I don't recognize the chain guard either and until I start stripping the paint (if I choose to work with this bike) I won't know if it belongs or not. I'm guessing there were three major brands of bicycle in this area in times past. Schwinn and the offerings of Sears and Wards. The front fork looks like some I've seen on JC Higgins and even older Elgin bikes. I'm less familiar with the Hawthorne models, but I think you could well be right. I'm sure there was a Wards mail order catalog store around here. Lots of bikes were sold by mail order back when in rural areas. Wards and Sears catalogs were the great wish books.
I've been cruising eBay to see if anything looks the same. It's that chain guard thats bugging me. The coaster brake is Bendix. I'll look tomorrow to see if there's anything on the wheels. I kind of like it and can see a HT motor sitting down low on that frame. I was thinking the same thing... 50's to early 60's.
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