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mag cover and clutch cover are not the same size. one missing bolt isn't a big deal on the clutch
cover. You can get the metric screws at most stores that sell fasteners just take one that will fit the
spot that you need with you to compare so you get the right size.
the cover on the clutch armor the cover that covers the front sprocket has only 3 screws 2 are the same length the one that fits the top right side is longer so it doubles as the front mount for the chain guard. these screws need to be in place so the clutch arm will work properly if you loose one it will still work but I'd replace the missing one as soon as possible. any screw holding the engine together needs to be replaced as soon as possible if they loose out you'll get a crank case leak that isn't a good thing.
You need to pull in on the clutch if you want the rear wheel to free wheel with the spark plug in and the clutch lever not pulled in your bike is in the run mode.
You might want to put the spark plug into the spark plug wire too as it might not be good to fire the ignition with no place for the spark to go. unless you are holding in on the kill switch or disconnect the wiring so no power is going to the cdi.
the spark has to go some where either out of the cdi to ground or it can burn out the cdi by throwing the spark into its components etc.

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