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Default Re: Need Help Choosing Kit

I have to agree BA. When I switched to the 4 smokers, I was elated. But the GB broke down over and over. While the engine it self works flawlessly, it was constantly down while the BGF 2 stroke would start and run every time. Though after a couple of yrs, a lil tuff but was an easy fix. I do prefer the vibs and sounds of the 4, but love the simple and amazingly dependable china girls. A 70cc from Dax (who really backs you up) is a really good deal $109. Also check out the swap shop section. Some great stuff and some times you get lucky. There are some trannys coming out soon (including my own) EZM and Firebelly and folks have had the Grubees for trouble free yrs. But under $200, I would only look at the china girls. As BA said, might get a great deal on a really cool door stop. Just my 2 cents.
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