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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Originally Posted by lovehamr View Post
... You only have to overhaul 1 of each before see the light and get yanked out of the dark ages.
i like the dark ages. and besides, they've had three piece cranks since the late 1800's. and overhauling an ashtabula type one piece crank is a lot easier and a few hundred dollars cheaper than a new euro bottom bracket. and you only need one wrench.

i'm not arguing, i actually understand and agree with what you're saying about high-end bikes, but nobody's putting motors on 10,000 dollar road bikes. not that i've seen, anyway. and it would be funny if someone did, because they'd end up with a motored bike that's slower than they could pedal.

back to the topic at hand, if you fix that slanted valve stem as soon as you notice it, you'll have no problems. i've never had one just suddenly slip and get cut. it usually takes a few days or weeks of neglect before that happens. it's a 5 minute fix.
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