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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Aside from the fact that presta rims don't take "normal" tubes, you have to find and carry special adapters, carry special tubes, they don't work with pressure gauges, and cost more than regular tubes... are there any other "amazing advancements and improvements"?

Seriously though, is there any single advantage over regular tubes?
The main advantage I like is that the valve stem locks to the rim . From totally deflated,fill up a regular tire, and then fill up a presta.You'll see what I mean-use a hand pump.Another advantage is that I'm sick of getting flats because of "moving valves"!! With presta, this does not happen. Adapters are very common these days and are a dime a dozen. Presta tubes have now become very common also.'s what I carry in my pack..:multi-head screw driver,spark plug wrench,cone wrench(for outer wheel bearing races),2- 5/32 allen keys,10mm.1/4driv.socket,4mm allen driv.bitt,7/16 flex gear com.wrench,7/16 com. wrench,5/16flex gear,9/16 flex gr.,15mm flex gr.,3/8 fex gr.,6"adjustable,100mm. adj.,5/16 deep socket w/driv.adapter,precision screwdriver,pressure gauge, presta valve adapters,presta tube and emergency pump.
My heart goes out to those of whom have to carry a wee tiny little adapter.

P.S. I'm being lazy!! I've not added Norms cable ends yet to my pack. Oh well, at least I made a couple........................
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