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Default Re: Help Setting up HT Motor

Originally Posted by Missmichelleb View Post
I am planning on getting a rear rack for the gas tank. I actually found silver bears pics when i did a google search and they made me realize i would need to a rear rack for the gas tank. I do really like the smaller cylinder shaped ones in the pictures.

What type of rack would you recomend getting, are there some types that are better then others if i want to use the teardrop shaped gas tank that comes with the kit i'm getting?

My kit hasnt arrived yet, i was expecting it either today or monday, so i guess its monday. I'm really glad to hear that Spooky Tooth has a good reputation.
Gearrnut presents another gas tank mounting option. It is the only one I have seen mounting a peanut tank that way.
Regarding a rear rack, there are different kinds of rear racks. Take a look on ebay and you can see. I guess in part it is a matter of what your intentions are with the bike. If it is to be functional only, then any kind of rack will probably work if it is for your size bike. A 26" bike needs a rack designed for a 26" bike. The supports which attach at the wheel area need to be of the right length. You might find a used one at a bike repair shop, or online. If you have a particular look in mind then you will need to do some searching. Reproductions are made which look much like the one on the back of Gearnut's Hawthorne and look like some the old Schwinn's had.
In the pictures of my Schwinn Americans two different gas tanks are shown. The low dark one can be purchased from That's Dax and the cylindrical one is from an old lawn mower. I have also seen peanut tanks mounted on the rear rack. One nice thing about doing something yourself is that if you don't like it you can change it later.
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