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Default Re: Im confused about all the chain tensioner problems

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
lol - the dreaded "tensioner" is a potential threat if not installed correctly or maintained, I suspect ya did both

It could dive into the spokes and destroy the wheel which I'm sure you've figured out by lookin' at it - it's a shame really cause it would be a simple matter to supply one that spans both bars.

The concern is for the many first-time builders that may foolishly think that all of the parts in the box will do the job they're supposed to do if they just bolt 'em on lol It's also about the only part that so easily endangers the whole build and the rider for the sake of tightening a bolt o_O
Been there, done that. It ripped about 5 spokes out of my rim, and it sheared off the bolt that holds my brake arm to the frame. My fix was to take out an extra link from the motor chain.
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