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Default Re: Need Help Choosing Kit

That's not inherently true SeanKuykendall, what is true is that the cheaper the kit - the more attention needs to be "paid" in exchange, particularly when installing the kit. The four strokes are no more exempt from this truism than the two strokes.

It's a simple matter of where you want to "spend" - the initial outlay of cash? Or investing a lil more time and effort making sure everything is right yourself and upgrading a coupla parts?

For the money big-al is talkin' about I wouldn't dream of tryin' for a four stroke - while there might be something available, in THAT price range I bet a four stroke would be a nightmare, whereas he could get a "top of the line" 2smoker from Dax or whomever and just pay a lil attention to it's installation and break in period.

There are many on this forum that have thousands of miles on the 2smokers, once past the initial "dialing in" and minor upgrades - mine has been wonderfully reliable as an example.

Too many people think of any/all of these kits as "plug and play" and simply put - they aren't. Ya gotta pay somewhere and two/four stroke aside - to save money you gotta spend time
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