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Default Re: New FELT a la Board Tracker

Originally Posted by fall_down_stand_up View Post
Are you telling me that these bikes actually have usable gas tanks built into them???????????????Im confused about your post....
The top bar on these bikes can be converted to hold fuel. I know a little bit about this

See here: Shift Kit + Nuvinci = (Grin)

The Felt frames come in two varieties. Steel and Aluminum. They are different in more ways than just the material. Unfortunately the steel version has a narrow top tube and won't hold much fuel. Personally I wouldn't bother with a steel Felt frame. The aluminum version is much much wider and holds about as much as a standard peanut tank or 2.5 liters. An aluminum frame requires extra attention to the motor mounts however since aluminum is a softer material.

I hope this clears this up for you.
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