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Default Re: The creation of CRU

Things have slowed down now with my ability to do advertising and promotion for CRU. I have started school, and already am feeling the pinch of time. I just wanted to let you all know, I'm still here, and CRU is still a go, but without more riders and representatives, I'm kind of stuck. I haven't recieved many CRU entrance forms, those of you who has submitted, thank you. I'm still awaiting approval for my first rally, it's proving quite difficult to get ahold of the proper people, they seem to like to take their time responding. I just want to thank everyone who is a part of CRU, this idea can prosper, with the right steps. I will be registering CRU as a business, I'm waiting to see the turn-out of my first rally, to decide whether or not to continue with CRU. I can't stand alone, I need as many riders behind me as possible, and I don't have many so it seems. I will also be registering addicted motorbicycles as a company as well, and two clothing lines. All will tie in together as businesses, but CRU is the first step, to help spread awareness. Anyways, thought I'd post something since I haven't posted in a while. All of my threads seem to have died in activity, so I'm wondering how many are actually coming to the rally, and how many are actually planning to be a part of CRU. So that's my words of wisdom. lol.. Hope all is well with you guys and girls, hope all your bikes are running great, have a great day, hopefully we'll chat soon. Take care. Damien.
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