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Default Re: Everyone please read! It might save your life!

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Yes totally...And that driver should be reported to the FHP. You could have been killed!

Guys if you can get the license plate# the cops will follow-up. I know things happen way too fast, and it's rarely posssible to get the plate#, but if you do...they will follow-up.

In addition to the Big Mac and phone...the driver may have been drunk.


Here in Florida MM..( Manic Mechanic ).....yes they DO follow up but I really haven't the resources to snap a pic of said know I'm cruising on my bike.....just trying to stay alive at times.....Clearwater and Gainesville are MUCH alike.......the cops basically are very cool pertaining to us bike riders.....all the cops I've spoken with and shown them my bike wholeheartedly endorsed me's sad that there are total miscreants on the road that absolutely just don't give a f*ck about us

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