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Default Re: Everyone please read! It might save your life!

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
It is VERY important on these bikes to NOT zip around without being totally aware of your surroundings.

Always look over your shoulder when in any sort of traffic. Mirrors are great, but when it really counts...look over your shoulder before making the move...And don't cut it close! If someone hits the accelerator out of frustration, they will be right on top of you quick! It's nice to think that we have just as much right to the road as anyone; but that thought is meaningless if you get smacked by a car.

The public sees a bicycle...the brain sees a bicycle...the brain processes bicycle...the fact that we have a motor does not compute until the near collision. Then THEY become irritated with you for operating something that differs from what the brain has processed.

I went for a long ride on Clearwater beach the other day...The speed limit is 30 and I can easily maneuver through traffic. On the beach people expect to encounter funky vehicles, so it's actually safe to ride.


Picture THIS : ......Car driver on phone....( one less hand )....ALSO eating a Big Mac..( no hands now ) can infer.......

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