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Default Re: Everyone please read! It might save your life!

Originally Posted by toker_ace View Post
Everyone be careful when you are turning left. Make sure there isn't a car passing you. Yesterday, I was riding along on one of my back roads when I saw a mini-van coming up in my mirror. I was about to the place where I could turn left and be out of there way. About the time I went to turn left this cell-phone talking ,late for soccor practice, speed demon mini-van was passing me on my left about 50mph. So, everyone be careful when to ride. Things could turn deadly quick when your out on the road with these idiots! Get some type of mirrors that you can see with. If you can see with them they are probably not going to be the coolest mirrors, but we need them. ok, later!

This happened to me not even 30 minutes ago....not the same speed that occurred to you but all the same just as harrowing....I'm fully illuminated with not one but TWO tail constant blink and one continuous in a well lit intersection in my the left lane making my left turn this motherf*#ker blows by me and actually cuts off the car that was in the left turn lane crossroad....I bounced over the curb ( thank God for front shocks )....onto the crash but a sense of preservation......I've never heard so many horns going off !....
Tokie you're so right to ask us to pay attention.....I thank you !

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