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Cool Hello from Atlanta!

Yo whatsup. New to this forum. I've been a member of "the other forum" for about 6 months probably. I just discovered this one a few days ago, and I really like it a lot!
Anyway, I'm from Atlanta, GA and love to ride my motorbike around. It's just a schwinn jaguar from target witha chinese engine mounted on it. I bought the engine on ebay from a guy selling them out of Kalimazoo. I've read many conflicting accounts of chinese engines, but I'm happy to say that this one is working out well for me. I've only been running it for little over a week now, though.
Like I said before, I'm from Atlanta.. I'm the leader of a real badass motorbike gang called the SATANS HELLPERS.. I'm also the only member, so if you live in Atlanta or the surrounding area and want to join, message me! Denim vests, teenaged attitude, and a sneer are a must.
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