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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Presta is a HUGE pain in the butt. Generic rulz!

You would not believe how often people are stranded on long bike trips because local chain stores and gas stations only deal with standard automotive type valves. I have come upon "spandex" bikers in distress at the side of the road about a dozen times over last few years and was only able to bail them out half the time because of those oddball valves. Would have had much better score if they used regular valves.
When I travel more than five miles, I carry a spare presta in my pack and 2 adaptors for filling air. all I need is one . I also carry an emergency pump . At home, in my tool box, I have 6 spare presta tubes . Cyclists should not have to deal with gas bike shop told me that is all their gonna have soon, and I don't blame them. Presta tubes are an incredible muchly needed improvement and I thank God for whoever it was that created the presta.
After typing this I'm going to add another preasta to my pack. Adaptors are only a dollar,-get lots of them.
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