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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
Why do you not like presta tubes ,besides the fact that you have matching valve holes in rims but only normal tubes.......I did what you did once, and I was mad because the rim was made for presta and I only had normal tubes.
Presta tubes are an amazing advancement and improvement to the wheel world HOWEVER; sometimes it seems that because of the adaptor on the valve, I,m not getting proper reading on the pressure gauge .
Presta is a HUGE pain in the butt. Generic rulz!

You would not believe how often people are stranded on long bike trips because local chain stores and gas stations only deal with standard automotive type valves. I have come upon "spandex" bikers in distress at the side of the road about a dozen times over last few years and was only able to bail them out half the time because of those oddball valves. Would have had much better score if they used regular valves.
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