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Default Re: New Project (about time)

Originally Posted by Egor View Post
You will need a sheave about the size of the 40 tooth sprocket or you will go very slow. GO for the 36 tooth sprocket and cruse about 30mph no sweat, 40 if you twist it up. Have fun, Dave
PS: I think you are the first here to use the Morini, I can't wait to hear how it go's. And a good looking idea.
I would go with something like a 47-49. I 36-40 will make you lose a lot of low end but that bike will be able to hit 50+mph considering the 47 topped out at 45+. I tried to take a video of the italian stallion but I left the camera on and it drained the battery
You should call Dean @ Pipelyne he could set you up with the motor mounts and pipe.
It's going to be one sweet project when its done.
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