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I built a bike about 4 years ago with Chinese 49 cc and I still have it. Originally it was on a Huffy Surfside. I photographed it in my living room and now I see it on all the Ebay ads, that's kind of funny. I took the engine off and put it on an Electra Classic because it was big and heavy and strong. The Huffy was shaking all over. Zip ahead to today and I realized that these are decent inexpensive kits. Mine must have 1500 or 2000 miles on it. I had a odometer but it quit years ago. Recently a friend and I have been toying with a few bikes and sold them. So far people like them. Even my friend, who is not much (at all) of a mechanic wanted one. I gave him a new one that I set up. In a day or two he was calling me with, "what do I do's?" He's already racked up a lot of miles in Sunny Palm Beach FL. He even took apart the carb, checked wiring, the plug, etc, all this from a guy who never worked on a mechanical thing. But the allure of the fun-ness of the bike inspired him to do it, and he did it, now he's riding and loving it.

So I ordered a couple engines lately from California. I buy from BoyGoFast, his ebay name. He has my old Huffy on his web site, still cracks me up how that photo circulated from so long ago. Anyway,..I am going to try to post a couple photos, of my Electra and the newer Kuluna. PS...The Kuluna is a great bike for the money, no kidding. At $99 at Wal-Mart the bike is strong, good looking, white walls, fenders, excellent brakes and aluminum. The best part is the lack of modifications needed, almost none. Everything fit like it was make for the bike. That's just my observation compared to the installation on the Electra, the Kuluna was so easy. OK, enough said, I am going to put on some photos.............OK can't figure out the photo posting process. But here is a Youtube video from this weekend with the Kuluna and my goofy friend Geoff riding it.
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