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yes get a helmet top of list, here is a story that is true. back when i was riding mountain bikes i was at the bike shop and the guy said when are you going to get a helmet? i said "them things are stupid looking" the guy was a freind and said "paul you are bald and over weight do you really think the helmet is going to destroy them good looks" all i could do is laugh and i bought a helmet. that afternoon we went in the state park racing around and i lost it. flew over the handle bars head first into a good size rock. i got a little scrathed up but nothing serous. i got up and kept riding. when i got home i looked at the new helmet and it had one heck of a dent in in just above my temple. i honestly believe that helmet on this bald fat guy might have saved his life or at least kept him out of a wheel chair the rest of his life. these motorized bicycles are fun as heck. why chance ruining all the fun not wearing a helmet. ok done preaching and look forward to seeing your new ride
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