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Default I'm back!

About march of this year i built my first motorized bike and loved it! i rode it everywhere, until i got my car. i gave my buddy the bike because he wanted it and had no car.
My car was a 2005 Suzuki Reno and i drove the **** outta that too. About 3 weeks ago i totalled it though. very bad accident. luckily no one but me was hurt.
Anyways to make a short story long, i and building another motorized bike because i love them and i am paranoid about cars now.

Im thinkin:
2009 Giant Boulder Large Frame
Spookytooth 66cc motor
Spooky's racing carb
36 tooth sprocket until i can afford the jackshaft kit
SBP's expansion chamber exhaust
and a different than stock gas tank.

I cant think of anything else! I've just got back into the world of motorized bicycle riding and see there is already new stuff!?!?!?

Can you guys think of anything else?
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