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Default Re: Winter wheel-free score

I know this might sound silly but have you ever tried spraying the rims with WD-40. We used to use it on the real magnesium rims on the race car. Mag tarnishes very quickly but the WD kept them looking great for a couple of weeks after a polish job. That old thing about 1001 uses for WD isn't all BS. The stuff does work for a lot of things. Give it a try and let me know how it works. And, the overspray will make your tires look nice

WD 40 is a great cleaner and moisture displacement I reserve it for inside of spark plug cap and fly- wheel magnets. I use about 10 different sprays and lubes for my bike . For cleaning rubber however I would prefer Armor -all .

P.S. I want to take this moment to apologize to you for the harsh rude uncalled for statement that I made to you yesterday,and I feel like crap because of it!! I have been getting WEIRD IN THE HEAD lately.
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