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Default Re: newb gas ratio question

Originally Posted by JebGipson View Post
well it was rode at least 40 hours by previous owner and the engine sticker says it was broken in 50 hours before shipment... so 100-1?
Depends on what oil you're using. They are not at all the same. See what the manufacturer of the oil recommends. If it is Amsoil Sabre Professional you can go 50-1 and higher. See how your engine responds. The manufacturer says 100-1. I ran it at around 75-1 with no problems. Now I use opti-2 at 100-1 and like it. These are the only ones I have personal experience with on my bikes. Chainsaws and weed whackers, other small engines I used regular 2 stroke oil, but now just use opti-2 with everything.

I'm wondering about the claim of 50 hours running time before shipment. Is that for real? Was it from a private owner or new in the box? Good luck and check your plug to see how motor likes the mix... white is too lean, chocolate is good, black is too rich. These things sure are fun, aren't they?
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