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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

My first set of tires were Kenda 26x2.5 tires with heavy duty slime
tubes. This is running the GEBE 35CC four-stroke set up and I have lots
miles with these tires with no trouble. The only problem is at speeds above
25 mph, they make an annoying road sound on blacktop payment.
I have serfa drifter tires 26x2.0 on my China-Girl 2-stroke engine set up
with regular size slime tubes. I have been putting alot of miles on this bike
recently with no tire problems.
On my GEBE 40CC 2-stroke I have Serfa Drifter 26X2.0 tires and regular slime
tubes that I did not have any problems with until recently I added the tire liners.
There is about 14 pounds of engine set-up weight over the rear tire. I had only
about 27 miles on the tire liner milage before I had the blow out.
The Serfa Drifter tires are a really good choice to me based on my experiance
with the store model stock tire. I have the Maxxis HookWorm 26x2.5 tires with
regular slime tubes on another project bike and have not got to try these out
yet. I was really surprised as to how thin these tires are. But I have no opion
on them yet until I get to put some miles on them. I run all my tires on the same
brand triple-v wheel sets..
I am learning alot about tires from this thread.....thankyou
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