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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Unless something has changed in the last week or so Duane does not carry 32t. I'm having some trouble getting him to see the light. And in my opinion the other guys (Andy, Jim, etc) are way overpriced probably because they are custom. Got my 36t from BGF for $12. When china catches on to the higher torque of these new motors they will be available for peanuts.

Got my 32t off Ebay and it made a HUGE difference. Max speed went down but cruise much improved.

PS watch out for the aluminum (alloy) ones. One of the guys I did a bike for is already seeing signs of "hooking". The cheap chinese one from BGF is steel and showing no signs of wear even after 10k miles. Also be aware there are fancy ones with chrome plate, dishing, bevelled teeth etc. and plain ones w/none of the above.

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