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Default Re: chain tensioner replacement

Thanks xlite! That damn tensioner really worries me, not so much mine as I've got it covered - but on alla kid's bikes I see around. For so many this is their first venture into motorized vehicles, if not - than it may well be their first build-it-yerself adventure.

Even other than the kids - so many people think these kits are "plug-n-play" and that if they just follow the directions (such as they are) that all will be well...

I really wish China Gas (or whomever) would get rid of the dang thing and include one that spans across both bars - of all the bits and their relative shoddiness, that stupid roller guide is the only one that really worries me.

As it's incredibly unlikely they'll ever change although there's so many good alternatives - I figured I'd dump 'em all in one place so newbs could choose amongst them.

Please feel free to add to that thread and/or link to it if you wish
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