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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Junster - nice tires man!

I've been risisting the urge to get a nice set of streets for mine, what with winter just around the corner I figure no sooner than I ditch the knobbies - it'll snow...

I will admit I've been runnin' el'cheapos - just some random low cost tires I scored off a garbage bike. They must be fairly common because I've no less than three sets of exactly the same tread design - ALL off dead junkers! o_O (which is awesome given I really like the tread lol) No fancy liners, no sketchy goo tubes, just yer basic Walmart Bell tubes and inflated to 50psi.

I beat my ride mercilessly. Trails, highway use, even a mini "Death Race" tribute in an empty lot - I've never had a tire/tube shift on me or even a flat! Well, I did pop both the tubes the bike came with when it was new - but as they both "seam split" within 15 miles of each other I figure those were defective.

I wonder given what Junster and others have said - if perhaps alla fancy tire liners and whatnot are actually contributing to more problems than they're protecting against?
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