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Default Re: Rear Sprocket on Disc Brake Wheel

hey bud i had that same problem but i chose to take advantage of it but still on my way and waiting for the sprocket addapter to fix my problem, i had ordered some sprockets and a addapter from kings sale and service and never received them but apparently they were shipped out so somewere upsp messed up, well meanwhile what i did was trace the 6 6m wholes from my disk ontop the sprocket and used the original screws to secure the sprocket onto the hub, you have to b percise its a tight fit the wholes were almost to close together to make the diameter of the sprocket but i got it to work the only problem i have now is the chain is not lined up with the engine so it wants to jump of the sprocket i just put lots of grese on the chain and the chain tensioner seems to be holding it in place i ended up ordering another addapter and im currently waiting on this one
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