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Default Re: Winter wheel-free score

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post

The ocean air does a number on my nice shiny bolts and whatnot - I can't wait to see what road salt does... meh

ooh! I have an "extra" set of rims for my winter tires - thanks Blakenstein

oh wait... they're not black... they wont match my bike o_O Fashion victim?
You're welcome Barely awake, P.S. I saw your bike and it;s a nice one;black rims will match your bike.All the weight on mine is on the back so I need the steel rims-also need threaded hubs for my sprocket plate to mount. You seem to know alot about my system which is different from all of yours because you called a kicker and when it sometimes likes to pop, man does it ever kick. That's why I changed my idler bearing arm mounting bolt over from full threaded 3/16 over to 1/4" bushing bolt.-dont want that arm dropping off into the drive train-I'll be dog meat if that happens.
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