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Default Re: Winter wheel-free score

[QUOTE=silverbear;120306]Is that the reason for having a winter wheel, to protect your other seasons wheel from road salt and such? Or is the tire different. Sure doesn't look rusty in the photos. Nice job. Thanks Siverbear, yes that is the reason when it s frozen cold its o.k. but on the warm days, any bit of snow on there will melt and the little water droplets cause rust on the rim and sometimes when I neglect to wipe it down after a ride, the next day the surface rust is horrible-if not rectified quickly,it will eat right through the chrome. Where I live,very little salt is used on the raods-it;s moast of all sand.
P.S. Wish I had an air compressor - they work great for blowing away moisture. Maybe I'll get one soon after I pay my 250.00 J walking fine I'll be broke for a while but at least I'll have one and it will be about time.
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